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Breathe festival was founded in 2015 by a group of friends who shared a common goal - provide unforgetable experience to their friends on the outskirts of their hometown Prešov, Slovakia.
Carefully curated lineups and elements of club enviroment implemented into the festival site surrounded by forest offers a forward thinking alternative to festivals we’re used to in our country.

Breathe is a festival where everyone is welcome and accepted.


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This year tickets are available exclusively online at GoOut
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This year, we move the grounds of the festival a few meters from the original meadow, preparing an indoor stage and other improvements. There are restrooms in the area, stands with refreshments and space for relaxation. The complex opens to visitors on 23rd June at 16:00.

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Pre-sale tickets are on sale for 17€. Tickets onsite will cost 20€. Upon arrival at the festival, visitors will receive a bracelet based on a valid ticket, which is non-transferable and serves as identification.
The first and recommended route is from the bus stop Sídlisko 3. There is a bike path, which takes around 15 minutes walk, until you reach the BUFET R4 and the festival area.

From Veľký Šariš you can reach the area as follows –> on the only bridge in Veľký Šariš, turn towards the bike path. If you're already on the sidewalk, it only takes five minutes to walk.

We recommend using the bus or taxi/bolt.
Easy taxi: 0907 25 25 25

Alpha taxi: 0948 644 766
A tent village is available for accommodation. However, we recommend using hotels and guest houses near the festival.

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1. Any form of discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or any other personal characteristic will not be tolerated. It's important to create a safe and welcoming environment for all guests.

2. Respect for personal space: Everyone has their own personal boundaries, so make sure guests are aware of this and are respectful of others' personal space. This includes asking for consent before physical contact, respecting someone's decision to not participate in an activity, and refraining from unwanted advances or comments.

3. Language: Be mindful of the language used during the party. Avoid derogatory or offensive language, slurs, or jokes that may make someone uncomfortable or offended.

4. Inclusivity: Make sure everyone feels included by making an effort to include all guests in conversations, activities, and games. Avoid excluding or singling out anyone, and try to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and able to participate.
It is forbidden to bring your own alcoholic drinks into the festival area. At the festival, it is possible to purchase a sufficient quantity of soft drinks and spirits.

Guests may bring their own food to the festival area. However, there will be a snack bar with various kinds of food for vegetarians and vegans.
It is prohibited to bring weapons, glass bottles and containers, cans, umbrellas and other hazardous objects. The dealing in or use of illegal drugs is not condoned. The security service may carry out personal searches at the entrance to the premises.

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