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K.O.D. (Komitet Obrony Disco)



Pitti Schmitti & Kovvalsky are residents of the Warsaw Club Jasna 1 in Poland. They perform together under the acronym K.O.D., after which they named the party series Komitet Obrony Disco (Disco Defense Committee). You can also “tune” them online at @newonce radio, where they regularly host the show. Jędrzej Kowalczyk a.k.a. Kovvalsky is already a well-known name for some of you from the 6th year of our festival. We are glad that we can talk about him again, this time in full strength together with his colleague and good friend Pitti Schmitti.

When did you meet and start playing together?

We met for the first time about 15 years ago, but our first K.O.D. party took place in November 2016.

How did you get into electronic music?

Kovvalsky: Music was in my life from the very beginning. My dad has very nice music taste, he introduced me to: rock, jazz and also electronic music. Then I started searching music on my own and this genre was my natural choice.

Pitti Schmitti: I think the first electronic sounds I heard were those of Italo Disco, I was an 80’s kid so this is kinda natural. First electronic music I got myself was a Prodigy cassette, then I started listening to Drum’n’Bass, later 4/4, and I landed where I am now.

Your inspiration?

Kovvalsky: David Mancuso, Miles Davis, Donato Dozzy

Pitti Schmitti: Sabrina, Bon Jovi, Vengaboys (seriously) 

Festivals or clubs?

We definitely love both and it’s impossible to choose one option, it always depends on many factors.

Place you would like to play?

Going back in time “The Loft” – location of the parties organized by David Mancuso in NYC.

Awkward situation during dj set?

A few years ago we were playing on a small festival, surrounded by nature. When the sun went down and it was time to turn on the lights, we realized not a single one of them worked. After around an hour into our set in complete darkness all lights went on and we saw just how many people were dancing, it was a special moment : )

Any special skill? 

We combine djing with being bartenders for our friends in the back of  dj booth.

What happend to you in 2020? (we would rather hear positive thoughts)

Unfortunately as we all know it wasn’t the best year. We had cancelled many interesting gigs. Happily we were able to organise our italo night and play one festival during the summer.

We are Pitti Schmitti & Kovvalsky, residents of Jasna 1 Club in Warsaw, Poland. We dj together as K.O.D. and run a party series called Komitet Obrony Disco (Disco Defence Committee). We collect and play various genres of electronic dance music for your dancefloor pleasures. We also host a radio show @newonce.radio

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